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Get Virtual Business Address With Unique Suite Number

When you incorporate your business in the USA, you need a business address. You need a business address, for your customer to send invoices, complaints, checks, and much more. You may require a business address if you running a amazon FBA business, or want to verify your address with google. For those customers who incorporate with us, we help them get a right business address at affordable price.

Add A Unique Location Identity To Your US Company

Represent your company with a unique address. We cover adding a virtual address with unique suite number to your incorporation package. This offer is available for companies who register though us only. Unlike many other competitors we add only your US address in incorporation documents. We do not add your home country address in the documents.

Once you register your company in the USA, you need to get a business address. Having an address in USA will more trust among your customers. 

No, You can not receive parcel and packages on your business address. This should be used only for document purposes, such as receiving invoices, purchase order, client letters, checks, bank letter etc.

Yes, Registered Agent address should be different from your business address. Registered Agent receive service of process when a business entity is a party in a legal action such as a lawsuit or summons. It should not be used for regular mail forwarding service.

Amazon Address Verification

If you are running a e commerce business with amazon or any other e-commerce platforms, they may require your address verification. We will ensure we facilitate all these for our clients.

Unique Business Address

The business address we provide you will be uniquely represent your business. We will be attaching a six digit suite number to your address. Hence it will be easy to locate mails related to your business.

Google Address Verification

You may want to register and verify your company address with google. Google address verification is required to list your business in various google platforms.

Mail Forwarding Service

We offer unlimited mail forwarding service. The price may vary depending on your requirement. You can also avail our international document shipment service to your home country. Note we can deliver only documents and no packages included.
Why Wait? Registering your company via UCB will have a number of advantages. We have registered various businesses from India and many other countries. Hence we will be your better guide than anyone else.

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We offer you business address at 199$ per year. A one time document notarisation cost of 25$ is additional.
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