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LLC or Inc? We Are Here To Help You!

Are you new to US Market? Don't worry!. We are here to help you. You can choose on whether you like to setup an LLC or a C Corporation. Our expers will help you understand better. Alternatively you can read our articles which will give you more clarity on what kind of entity you like to form.

Company Incorporation Service

We help our clients to setup the right type of entity in the USA. Although there are many types of entities exist in the USA, the most common types of entities are LLC(Limited Liability Company) and Corporations. LLC is generally a passthrough entity though it can be structured as a C Corporation.

Limited Liability Company

LLCs are passthrough entities in terms of taxation. LLCs will not be taxed instead the owners pay it.

S Corporation

An S corporation is type of entity that functions like a corporation, but is taxed like a partnership.

C Corporation

As a non-resident alient you can form a C Corporation. You can have any number of shareholders here.

Non Profit

No part of non-profit organisation's income should be distributed to members/shareholders.
You choose the type of organisation you like to form. Relax or prepare your business matters while we deal in setting up your company. We will do everything needed to make sure you start your business.
  • Choose Your State
  • Prepare The Docs
  • Pay Our Fees

You can choose to incorporate in any of the 52 states in the USA. As a foreigner, you may like to choose a state which has no state income tax. 

While each firm is unique, there are a few states that stand out as ideal places to start a company.
Due to their business-friendly legislation, greater privacy, and educated courts, Wyoming, Nevada, and Delaware are especially suited for establishing your firm.

Make sure you have the necessary documents to register your company. Most of the states may not even ask any of your documents, as you just need to submit name and address.  However your registered agent may ask for Identification documents.

Few of the states in the USA  will exhibit your home address in the state website or Articles. Hence you may want to use a virtual address instead.

We, at UCB Business Solutions will make sure to  manage everything needed to setup your company in the USA. We will also provide you Registered agency and business address

By hiring us you are avoiding the hassles and give your time to focus more on your business. We also send you reminders when your annual state report is due. 

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Fee Structure in US States

We have an exclusive list of states in the USA and the company setup fee structure. You can download them for free!
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